A love for fashion

The story begins in front of an old sewing machine, my grandma patiently showing me how to pass the thread through the needle and wind the bobbin. I am 8. I find comfort in the bustle of her fashion school and the hum of all the machines singing in unison. Outside there is a cold chill in the Peruvian air, but amongst the rich fabrics, and the colorful textiles, I feel warm.

I miss her.

Fashion has always been an important part of my life. It was always a place, where as a family, we could talk about what we liked, share ideas and dreams, and find common ground over a hot cup of tea. My mother, a strong women, with an incredible gift to design, always kept me interested in what was new and trending, while continuing to teach me the fundamentals of classic art and design. I continue to learn from her, and push new boundaries every day.

I love her.

I’ve always had the feeling I was different, and that is sometimes hard to embrace, but through my journey I have come to see that is what defines my style. I’ve traveled the world, and have met many beautiful souls that I carry with me wherever I go. The experiences and friendships I have made shine through my creations. I want life to seep through my clothing. I want my designs to tell stories, the same ones that I was told, but through a different channel. Ayla is passionate. Ayla is strong. I am Ayla.

Andrea Alvarado.